Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lacking A Solid Defense The Left Wants to Limit Who Is Allowed into Discussion about Health Care Reform

I offer this clip because it gathers in a short span of time the pseudo-defense that the left wing is offering for health care reform. They advance some unsupported and rather alien principles. 1. That woman cannot be part of the discussion because I am sure she was told what to say by powers and principalities I disapprove of. 2. Anyone that I claim is allied with Glenn Beck is not allowed into our discussion. 3. He is Jewish and gay. She used the word 'Nazi.' The rules explicitly state this is not acceptable and she has forfeited her right to petition for redress of grievances because I pointed this out. 4. I hereby state that this woman opposes health care reform and only people in favor of reform have any right to speak. Everyone else needs to shut up while we clean up their mess.
It is a rather dishonest way to handle the total lack of a sensible defense of your position: smear and demean everyone who disagrees with you. Personally I tend to be very distrustful of anyone who, when they are the least bit thwarted, goes for the jugular. Do we really want our society governed by people with such a glaringly antisocial personality trait? But in spite of their grandiosity Matthews and his friends have as much right as anyone else to be a part of the debate. But they would be more likely to be taken seriously if they had more than sophistry and smears to offer.

h/t: MsUnderestimated

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