Friday, April 2, 2010

Emanuel Cleaver Denies Doing Anything to Hype the 'Spitting Incident': Is There Any Reason to Believe Him?


h/t: HotAir

You have to wonder why a man who joined in a march through the middle of a hostile crowd would be suddenly as shy as he now claims to be. The purpose of the march was plainly to precipitate such incidents for PR purposes. But he is now claiming to be just a coy, quiet man? Puh-lese! Why did the capitol police become involved if Congressman Cleaver didn't want them to? I do believe that he became quieter once he realized that the trumped up case could not stick. But after you've gone down into the muck to try to create problems for your political opponents don't think I'll fall for the oh so innocent, above it all act.

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