Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thank You Barack and Nancy for Setting an Example

AA people love their little sayings. One that has been common is: "Everyone is an example. Some are good examples. And some are bad examples." Well, Barack Obama and the House Democrat caucus are spending a luxurious weekend at a spa few Americans could afford, By doing this they provide a blatant example of the power abusing behavior that Barack has been criticizing Wall Street for engaging in. It's good of them to take one for the team. This will probably make them less popular. But they sure are setting an egregious example of what people with some power and free access to other people's money can do to prove they don't deserve the trust they've been given. What are the chances Michelle Obama will show up in a $7,000 dress and tell us how mean spirited Americans are? No, that won't happen since the network and newspaper arm of the Democrat PR machine no longer reports any of Michelle O's embarrassing statements. It is strange that the Democrat press corps is reporting any of this conspicuous consumption. I guess they've all gone so Washington that they don't even realize that it's disgusting and looks bad: they seem to have lost a lot of their ability to recognize hypocrisy.
Maybe that stimulus bill has a couple of billion for congressional partying hidden away. When you only work three days a week the time has to get filled somehow. If only they hadn't neutered their ethics committee and decided to cover for each other all the time they could hold themselves responsible for such absues. If only . . .

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