Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tim Giethner's Stand Up Comedy Tour of China


So Tim Geithner was recently speaking Beijing University and, as reported by the BBC, they laughed at his lame attempt to justify American financial policy: “In a speech at Beijing University at the start of his two-day visit, Mr Geithner reassured his Chinese hosts that they need not worry about the estimated $770bn (£475bn) they have invested in US treasuries, a class of US government debt.
"Chinese financial assets are very safe," he said, drawing laughter from the audience.”
This is the guy Obama told the Senate he had to have as Treasury Secretary, regardless of his criminal history. So now I understand. Barack just knew he would need a senior official to do a stand up comedy tour of Asia.
This is another problem with having an affirmative action president. Sure our dinosaur media believes anything he tells them. And out of respect for affirmative action almost all American university and college teachers and students refuse to apply critical thinking to his pronouncements. But Obama has little power over foreigners.
The Chinese are just a little nervous about the American economy since they have nearly a trillion dollars in US government securities. They understand enough about capitalism to understand that Obama and Geithner are gutting the American economic engine that has created great amounts of wealth. The repayment of the Chinese now depends on a crippled and neutered economy and a president who has yet to demonstrate any grasp of economics. A major sector of the economy is being refashioned by a 31 year old who has little expertise at anything except kissing up to congressmen and senators and maintaining his FaceBook page.
Obama has already signaled that he doesn’t care if unemployed Americans find work again. He has communicated his complete unconcern in any live person’s job by how he talks about unemployment. He is putting out and repeating lies about jobs created by his so called stimulus bill. He has already shown that his rhetorical focus is going to be his ad hoc category of jobs ‘saved or created.’ He’s rolled out this meaningless creature and stared pulling meaningless numbers out of his a&&. But what this BS smoke and mirror monstrosity tells us is he just wants a PR talking point that he can tell the press corps to repeat to the great unwashed. It tells us that what he does not care about is my job or your job. He has devised this misbegotten classification of ‘jobs saved or created’ to side step talking about real, actual jobs. And since, he makes up the numbers as he goes along, he will tend to report great success. Which the DNC’s media arms will then report to the members of the public who still believe any of this crap. And they will be laughing nervously in Beijing while they watch their massive fortune in US treasury bonds dwindle to nothing.

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