Saturday, August 1, 2009

Will Obamacare Be Good for Me or Will It Just Make Congress and My Doctor Happy

When I was a nurse sometimes another nurse would confide in me that Dr. So-and-So was having such a rough time financially. I would usually reply with something along the lines of, “He drives a Lexus except when he drives the Jag or the Beemer. He dresses better for work than I have ever dressed in my life. And Lindsay says he lives in Monarch Bay Estates and you know it takes more than a million to get through that gate. If you‘re going to worry about someone, why not focus on your patients.” Doctors always talk poor. They drive rich, dress rich and live rich. But always talk poor. Like old time farmers.
So who cares? Americans should because in the congressional recess Dems are planning to emphasize all the doctors and doctor organizations that are supporting Obamacare. They are going to endlessly repeat that the plan must be good because so many doctors are on board. You’ll be sick of hearing it. And it is the biggest reddest herring ever.
Sure my doctor wants me to be healthy. Just like auto workers want my car to be safe and well made. But anyone who is aware of the actions of the UAW knows the UAW is almost exclusively concerned with getting more and more of everything for auto workers regardless of the effect on their industry and car owners. Anyone can figure out that great cars can be made by people who make substantially less than $75 an hour. (Why else would these poor fools need Obama to bail them out?) In a similar manner all of these organizations of doctors are unconcerned with the effect of legislation on patients. They are there to watch out for the interests of the doctor. And the doctors want a system that will compensate them more than adequately and make working convenient for them. And the patients can be stuffed in around the edges wherever they happen to fit. You might understand if you have been driven to distraction or screaming by the major effort that is now required just to make an appoint with a doctor. Have you ever stood at the window in the doctor’s office and been amazed that all six of the staff in the office can pretend you’re not there. How about that extra test you had to pay for. That test was not necessary for your diagnosis or treatment. The doctor just did it because his relationship with you is not close enough that he will trust you to not sue him.
The question is do we want health care that meets the needs of patients or some strange beast that gets approval from doctors, organizations of nurses and God knows what made to order associations. You can’t eat Astroturf and it can’t be made into useful medication. So if a Democrat congressman starts telling me who backs his plan, I will just politely request that he talk about what is best for MY health and leave the organizations whose motives are questionable out of the discussion.

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