Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How The Media Play It: It's Sad That Team Obama Is Held To Standards

Is this a news program or an Obama administration PR video? While campaigning Obama could not stop talking about the evils of lobbyists and his present and future freedom from them. Dashle is a lobbyist and Obama wanted him to have a major position in his administration. O'Donnel said Dashle, "went Washington in a way Obama campaigned against." Yet none of these lies and misrepresentations of the Obama administration seem to bother O'Donnell and Todd in the least: they only seem bothered that Obama has been thwarted. I think O'Donnell and Todd have gone even more Washington than Dashle. They even express regret that nominees to these high positions might be asked to meet certain standards. And what standards are these? Basically following the laws they themselves have passed. The laws that the rest of us follow all the time. These so called reporters are arguing for the protection of a new and special class of citizens: men and women who write, pass and administer laws for normal people that they themselves should not be expected to obey. I guess that O'Donnell and Todd thought that in order to have access to these special people they had to sign on to their BS.
There's another sickening theme running through this little clip. Dashle did political favors for Obama. Dashle used his network of friends and his influence to keep superdelegates in line for Obama. And because of that Obama is obligated to give Dashle a powerful job, a job in which Dashle can do a bunch of favors for the people who gave him a million plus a year and a Caddy and driver that Dashle barely noticed. At this point, the only credible argument that Obama is not for sale would be that he's totally bought out and has nothing left to sale. He's Blago on the Potomic.

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