Thursday, March 12, 2009

Washington, DC (R and D both) Out of Step With America

I've thrown together a little collection of links to some of my posts from the past couple of months that give examples of Washington's bad attitudes and arrogant actions.

DC delegate Norton nasty and angrily dismissive of expression of opposing opinion.

'Stimulus' bill is actually the creation of a Chicago-style patronage system.

How much of deficit is caused by Democrat fat cats' unwillingness to pay taxes?

The endless parade of tax cheats and ethically compromised getting tossed by the senate.

Only congress can give union goons a real reason to carry a lead pipe.

The Second Amendment gives citizens the right and where withal to protect themselves from congress and such.


adagioforstrings said...

re: Democrats not paying their taxes, an actual quote:

"Paying income taxes in America is voluntary" -Harry Reid

TRUTH 101 said...

WE use ax handles Snaggles. We got gold plated ones inserted in the stimulus bill.