Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beck Uncomfortable with Political Correctness, Oh, and, by the Way, Obama Is A Racist

As the negative reaction to the president’s thoughtless words are only slowly dying down I’m beginning to be more convinced that most of it has nothing to do with any racial component there might be. I am becoming convinced that the real hot issue is public support for the police. We know that the police can be picky, difficult to deal with, even a PIA sometimes. But most of us realize that this is part of the cost of having a minimal level of security and safety. And Barack Obama and the community organizer crowd don’t understand this basic fact of civilized life. The vast majority of Americans see all this as a necessary and inescapable cost associated with civil society. Unfortunately our president just sees it all as something to be twisted to his own purposes. I suspect that this is a thorn this lion will never be able to completely remove from his paw: it is a shibboleth of Obama’s siding with division, hate and disorder.

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