Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Liz Cheney: Too Smart for Basic Cable

From Morning Joe this morning. She reminds me of Bonnie Hunt.
Some lefties want Dick Cheney put on trial for not sharing certain CIA planning with Congress. LC points out that if they actually read the law, they will see that it was not broken. The leftie position seems to be: "Don't cloud the issue with facts. We don't care what the law says were going to keep saying DC should go on trial no matter what you or the law say. You're probably only saying all this because you want to run for the Senate. But we stand for something really something . . . well . . . something real important like the separation of powers. We care about great and important things while you are just concerned about your own personal ambitions." Strangely she was not accused of racism. At least not yet.

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