Monday, July 6, 2009

While We’re Talking Resignation Let’s Not Leave Out Dodd, Rangel, Feinstein and Some of the Other Crooks Who Could Benefit Us All By Retiring

Sarah Palin has resigned as governor of Alaska and the dinosaur media are acting as if it is some big scandal or something. But if Sarah were to heal our racial divisions Huffpo’s coverage might be along these lines: “In a blatantly racist move the slutty Sarah Palin has caused the unemployment of thousands of civil rights leaders. In what must be an attempt to draw attention away from the true maternity of Trig Sarah Palin, who is stupid enough to quote the Bible, has dramatically increased friendship and cooperation between the races. If we let her get away with this slap in the face of our trusted leaders she is bound someday to do something unethical for which somebody will find objectively acceptable evidence. She has been investigated dozens of times for unethical acts. Yet people still listen to her. Americans are so stupid. The smartest thing Michelle Obama has ever done was to develop a healthy shame for her American roots.”
As near as I can tell Sarah Palin is an honest person. So I can accept her explanation for why she is quitting. If Barack Obama or Harry Reid had given me that explanation I’d be wondering what the truth is. Since they have no history of honesty. With these con artists the default setting is to take everything they say as a lie or cover up.
I have liked Sarah Palin all along. But my initial reaction to her resignation was not positive. It caused me to wonder if it didn’t make her look less serious. And caused me to wonder if she can be trusted to go the distance when needed. But more reflection has caused me to be much, much more accepting of her decision. Her situation is unusual. In my life I have never seen the pack of rabid dogs that the dinosaur media have become descend so destructively and with such unprincipled abandon on one individual. And there has been an unending stream of frivolous and groundless ethics complaints that have cost Ms. Palin too much time and money. Maybe as a private citizen she will be better placed to deal with these attacks. Maybe she might even be able to forge tactics that will neutralize these Alinsky inspired attacks from the DNC so that public discourse can begin a return to civility.
Yes, Sarah Palin has many reasons to resign. Which got me to reflect on the many office holders who should resign for the good of the country. Starting close to home is my own senator, Diane Feinstein. She was chairperson of a subcommittee that gave a half a billion dollars in contracts to her own husband. I don’t care if that doesn’t bother the senate’s so called ethics committee. It is unethical and should be criminal. And she should resign for the good of the republic. Charlie Rangel has three or four rent controlled apartments for his own private use. I doubt that he could get away with this if he was not at the center of political power. To me that is abuse of power whether or not the local authorities and the house committee that should be over seeing ethics let him walk on this. How about Chris Dodd? He gets sweetheart deals from companies he is charged with oversight of and apparently the senate ethics committee is giving him a pass. I am sure the common good would be well served by Dodd and Rangel resigning. These three and others like them have truly questionable ethics yet continue to wield power. The media doesn’t seem particularly bothered by these gaping wounds at the heart of the body politic. No, they would rather squander resources on treating Sarah Palin like a pariah while there are real ethical problems that they are ignoring. And they endlessly assail Ms. Palin just because she rubs them the wrong way and might be threatening to office seekers they prefer. Compared to the bands of thieves and clowns in Congress Sarah Palin merits minimal coverage. Between the Congressional Record and all the legislator’s financial disclosure statements there are probably enough crimes to keep the press corps busy for years. I’m not even going to get started on Geithner and the rest of the cabinet. But instead they chase empty and baseless rumors in Alaska. One more time Sarah P. and the American public are mugged by Bizarro Journalism (a wholly owned subsidiary of the DNC with all of the protections and next to none of the benefits of authentic journalism).
The media have no respect for someone who will not lie to them. They see it as an attack on their self worth: in their twisted world, if you think they are powerful you will lie to them and manipulate them to gain control of some of their great influence. There is the old myth of the backward, heathen tribe that will be insulted if the visitor will not sleep with their wives or daughters. In this style of magical thinking, the journalist sees honesty as an insult and tantamount to a denial of value to his work. Some of this perversity in reporters is probably a defense that they naturally construct to deal with the lower class of people political reporters are so often dependent on and spend too much time with. I suspect that another cause is the unresolved guilt that accrues from sacrificing professional and personal standards for political expediency.


Red said...

You are right. If Sarah Palin discovered the cure for cancer in her garage, The statists and lamestream media would question how long she knew about it and vilify her for putting drug companies out of business. I'm taking the wait and see approach with SP. But I'm hopeful. We need to be vocal and back people like her so that they know they have the unwavering support they need to tackle big gubbermint.

Chris M. said...

I visited your site for the first time today. It kills. (I linked from Pat A. in Shreveport's site)
I think that there is so much lefty generated noise in the air about Palin that it's difficult to make a rational decision on anything related to her. The effect of that noise presently makes her a poor choice as candidate for almost any office. All the noise makes it almost impossible for her to competitively go after undecided voters necessary for any win.
I am hoping she will find some methods for dealing with this ugly noise. Because, if it is effective with SP, the DNC and their media arms will drown the public discourse in endless waves of hate, lies and lying, hateful rumors.