Sunday, July 26, 2009

Race Relations from the Heart of Krazietown

Just out of curiosity I stopped by dKos to see what they had to say about the arrest of Prof. Gates. There is almost no mention of the incident on their front page. There is only one major story about it. The focus seems to about Gates’ victimhood and the kos kid’s unending perception of the eternal victimhood of blacks in America. Just because of the small amount of space given to this story, I suspect that dKos does not see it as good for advancing their agenda.
I saw a funny thing in a ‘rescued diary’ titled, 'The DeHumanization of President Obama.' The first two sentences of that diary go, “The virtual lynching of black men has become a fine art in today's media. It is no longer cool to do actual lynching.....much too messy and could get you put in jail.” I readily admit I could not read any more. I was laughing much too hard. If what America’s media has done to Barack Obama is virtual lynching, I wonder if all of mankind worshiping him as a god would even be enough for these fools. With incredibly few exceptions no one in the media will even press him on his endless nonanswers. If Obama were ever to get the same treatment from the press that George Bush received, these whiners would have an attack of the vapors and announce that the press has begun a virtual genocide of American blacks.

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Inspector Clouseau said...

Every country deals with race differently. The two biggest mistakes in American history once one gets beyond slavery: (1) forced integration by court rulings - you can’t force people to want to associate with, get along with, or respect you; and (2) affirmative action - no matter how one looks at it, it smacks of unfairness and does not make people respect you.

What we have today are simply the long-term ramifications of bad racial policies. What is perhaps more fascinating is that many think that 50 years of legal integration has somehow negated or counterbalanced the treatment afforded blacks prior thereto.

As for the Harvard Professor incident....