Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finest Links in All of Christendom

Pundit and Pundette has a piece about Barbara Boxer’s racist attack on Harry Alford. Boxer is a sad case. Her lefty mentality has built a confining little box in her head for blacks and she is determined to not let them out of that box. She just cannot allow blacks to be just people like the rest of us. I often find it especially funny when these ideologues with their boxy little heads start calling others racists because they won’t build racist boxes in their heads and imprison blacks in them. P & P also has a piece about Rush's reaction to a recent speech on health care by Obama. Basically Rush says that every last word that Obama utters on the subject is a lie. But what are you going to say? Why would being elected president suddenly and inexplicably make the man honest? My favorite recent thing at P & P is the appearance of my favorite Canadian: Diana Krall. Yes, I think I like her even more than Mark Steyn.
And So It Goes In Shreveport has a post about tens of millions of people who will lose their private insurance if ObamaCare is passed. Remember how it was promised that ObamaCare’s public option would not would not give free health care to anyone who could somehow get their feet on American soil? Well, the Democrats in the House Ways and Means Committee have made a lie out of that. How can costs be lowered if ANYONE who can cross our intentionally porous borders has to be covered? How many tens of trillions of dollars might that end up costing? Why even listen to what any Democrat has to say about health care when they will probably say the opposite tomorrow next week? You cannot engage in rational discourse with inveterate liars.
Jo-Joe Politico has a post about Obama ordering Israel to stop a private company from building in Jerusalem. Please read the whole thing. I feel compelled to quote a few lines: “In what realm of imagination does President BO get off demanding that Israel cease construction on anything?
“How did he get jurisdiction over ANY foreign country, let alone Israel?
“ . . . Megalomania does not even come close to describing this guy's sense of self and his willingness to be in complete control of the universe.
“Watch it, boys and girls.
“He really is dangerous.
“Please wake up.
“This is no dream. Your personal future is at stake.”
Then there is Sonya Sotomayor and the confirmation process all of which Joe deftly skewers. Joe recontextualizes the hearing to put the lies and the humor in clearer light. Then Joe’s account of the hearings that he feels was inaccurately reported by the MSM.

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