Saturday, July 18, 2009

Republican for Cap and Trade Not Feeling Any Love at Home **And All New LEGISLATIVE PLACEHOLDERS

This is Mike Castle of Delaware. He claims to have read 300 pages before the vote. But the bill is 1200 pages long. The man appears to have no shame about his dereliction of duty. I know I'm a dreamer but isn't this something the House Ethics Committee should have to deal with?

It gets worse. There is a section that basically says, 'After the bill is passed we will add to it and stick the new stuff here.' Isn't that the part of the Venn diagram where extra-constitutional and unconstitutional overlap? Michelle Malkin covers covers this obamination that the rats in congress are calling a 'placeholder.' Be sure to read MM. This is another area for my fantasy Ethics Committee to deal with.
He never explained why he voted for the bill.
I would compliment him for his courage if I thought this was more than a flubbed PR stunt. I don't think he cares what his constitutients think. I suspect he thinks the voters have no real power over him. To speak somewhat honestly to people you feel are beneath your dignity to mix with is not courageous. It's a stunt.

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