Monday, July 13, 2009

Sarah Palin and the Krazy Leftie Trolls

*****I frequent a site dedicated to shining a light on bias in the media, NewsBusters. It’s comments threads have always attracted some trolls. The trolls became especially thick and out spoken at the time that Sarah Palin announced her resignation from the Alaska governorship. Many of them accused SP of having committed felonies but none had even a shadow of proof. Then SP’s lawyer issued the warning that those slandering his client could very well be subject to legal action. Since that very moment NB’s trolls stopped the accusations of felonious acts. A rather dramatic proof that even the trolls didn’t believe what they were saying. I’ve wondered how organized these troll are. I’m convinced that many of them are just poor, troubled souls working out some pathology of hate and revenge. I have read about kos krazies advocating that they and other krazies go to conservative sites posing as conservatives to post hateful comments to make the other side look bad. But if you had to plant evidence to gain a conviction what are the chances of any guilt except for the evidence planter? So, to summarize, if a threat of action for slander shuts you up and you believe you’ll only have evidence if you plant it, you have a very weak case and low moral character.
What is it about the left that makes hate and dishonesty so comfortable for them?

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Joe said...

The Loony Left believe something is hateful only if uttered by a member of the right, and something is true simply because they delcare it to be true.