Thursday, July 23, 2009

When BHO Promises CSPAN Coverage What He Really Means Is That The Press And The Public Should Get Effed

This is from the transcript of the question period after the president's Wednesday night prime time clown show: "Q During the campaign, you promised that health-care negotiations would take place on C-SPAN. And that hasn't happened. And your administration recently turned down a request, from a watchdog group, seeking a list of health-care executives who have visited the White House to talk about health-care reform.
"Also the TARP inspector general recently said that your White House is withholding too much information on the bank bailouts. So my question for you is, are you fulfilling your promise of transparency in the White House?
PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, on the list of health-care executives who visited us, most of the time, you guys have been in there taking pictures. So it hasn't been a secret. And my understanding is, we just sent a letter out providing a full list of all the executives. But frankly these have mostly been at least photo sprays, where you could see who was participating.
"With respect to all the negotiations not being on C-SPAN, you will recall in this very room that our kickoff event was here, on C- SPAN. And at a certain point, you know, you start getting into all kinds of different meetings. Senate Finance is having a meeting. The House is having a meeting. If they want those to be on C-SPAN, then I would welcome it. But I don't think there are a lot of secrets going on in there.
"And the last question was with respect to TARP. I -- let me take a look at what exactly they say we have not provided. I think that we've provided much greater transparency than existed prior to our administration coming in. It is a big program. I don't know exactly what's been requested. I'll find out, and I will have an answer for you."

So his verbal answer is blah-blah-blah mealy-mouth mealy-mouth blah-blah-blah mealy-mouth. But what his actions say is: "I really don't care if you ever know what is going on in Congress or the White House. What makes you think it's any of your business anyway? And were you really stupid enough to believe any of my promises? Well, there's one born every minute."

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pundette said...

He totally blew these questions off. The second part, about CSpan, was very patronizing. And trying to say that the media coverage of his lame healthcare kickoff event is an example of transparency is just absurd.