Friday, July 31, 2009

We Had Another of Those Fabulous Teachable Moments. Did Anyone Learn Anything???

RE: The recent nonracial-racial incident in Cambridge
I learned that if you’re an old bud of the right Chicago politician charges of disturbing the peace are unlikely to stick. I learned that if you are an old bud of the right Chicago politician you can, without evidence, defame the character of a police officer and be quoted frequently and approvingly by our mainstream media.

I feel very sure that we are all less safe now because of this puppet-theater-soap-opera mismanaged by the amateur in chief. Police officers have all been put on notice that they have less support from further up the chain of command. All police will be more hesitant. Some will answer fewer calls and avoid questionable and dicey situations. Will crime statistics get worse? How could they not?

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