Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Am the President of All Americans, But Especially Of My Old Friends and Most Any Other Harvard Professor

It is sad that Obama doesn't even know how FOS he is. But I think he's loving the fact that he can so easily divert the MSM from his failures with cap and trade and socialized medicine. Any shiny object will draw the attention of press pool.

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Joe said...

Gates is a perfect example of why race issues keep raising their ugly heads in this country.

He is so offended by being black that he has to draw attention to it and demean it every chance he gets…whether in the classroom, or breaking into a home.

That’s too bad, because it perpetuates racism in our society.
Try as hard as they might, white people cannot become color blind because people like Gates keep forcing the issue to the fore.

And President BO lends his own form of racism to the fray with what I guess he thinks is an apology and explanation, but which sounds hollow indeed.