Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Finest Links in All of Christendom

Jo-Joe Politico has a post about the Gates-Cambridge PD situation. President Obama, when trying to walk some of it back, said that he might have given the impression that he was maligning the police. Joe points out that the president’s original remarks on the subject did not give any impression since the president came right out and said that the police had, “acted stupidly.” As the negative reaction to the president’s thoughtless words are only slowly dying down I’m beginning to be more convinced that most of it has nothing to do with any racial component there might be. I am becoming convinced that the real hot issue is public support for the police. We know that the police can be picky, difficult to deal with, even a PIA sometimes. But most of us realize that this is part of the cost of having a minimal level of security and safety. And Barack Obama and the community organizer crowd don’t understand this basic fact of civilized life. The vast majority of Americans see all this as a necessary and inescapable cost associated with civil society. Unfortunately our president just sees it all as something to be twisted to his own purposes. I suspect that this is a thorn this lion will never be able to completely remove from his paw: it is a shibboleth of Obama’s siding with division, hate and disorder.
Pundit and Pundette starts with a with a letter from a congressman who wants public hearings on the provisions of ObamaCare that encourages seniors to just go away and die. Then comes a post titled ‘Congress Is a Joke’ that gives lots of info and links about congressmen and senators refusing to even listen to constitutients and laughing at those who would read legislation before voting on it. Then a piece about Oregon state insurance possibly preferring senior euthanasia to spending money on treatment. And a post about tactics for coordinating counter protests to ACORN-type media events. (And so it goes in Shreveport has video clips of some fast responding tea party-style demonstrators.)
And so it goes in Shreveport announces the launch of a new website to consolidate info about the Inspector General that Obama illegally fired. Pat also writes about a strange meeting on a sidewalk between ACORN people and others who feel differently about the federal take over of health care. I love this because it shows that THE CONSERVATIVE BASE IS WAKING UP AND COMING TO LIFE. Obama’s Rasmussen approval index is now in double digital negative territory. Be sure and see the photo of the new puppy.
Patterico’s Pontifications has a story titled ‘Scumbag of the Day.’ Meghan McCain received a twitter from a man who she feared was suicidal. M McM did the right thing by turning the situation over to local responsible parties in the man’s home town. But Wonkette showed its a$$, big time. “Behold her nervous illiterate twitters,” wrote Ken Layne, a Wonkette writer, “about somebody she doesn’t know who may or may not exist, on the Internet, and perhaps at minimum exists on the other side of the country, typing some sadsack stuff about wanting to die. Teen-agers are hyper-emotional, Meghan, sort of like you…” You don’t walk this back. Layne has made it plain that he sees his own coolness and superiority as more important than a human life: how beltway.

Photos lifted from North Texas Tea Party

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