Thursday, January 28, 2010

But She Probably Still Doesn't Understand Why AIDS Has Been an Epidemic in the Gay Community


If you're gay you're allowed to contradict Joy. Isn't that special.
I still don't know if she knows what 'suffrage' means.

*********** UPDATE *********************************

Individuals with many severe personality disorders often have no fixed sexuality. They are not straight or gay. Often they have many of both kinds of relationships. The psychiatric literature refers to it as 'polymorphous perversity. The reason I bring this up is because for a while I was mystified by the nasty virulence of so many members of the gay marriage political clique. But when I remembered that most people with personality disorders have an inability to mesh with others socially, unstable interpersonal relations and little or no ability to control their anger that often veers into rage, I began to see a connection. Maybe most of these wildly angry political activists are not gay but individuals with personality disorders that have fallen into a mostly gay rut, convinced themselves that they are gay and have found an outlet for their unbridled rage.

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