Friday, January 29, 2010

Convenient Formula for Slime Bag Dems: Opposition to RINO = Eating Your Own

Olberman is just trawling for insults to use against conservatives. Didn't support that RINO? That means you're low enough to eat your own. Which leaves me wondering how a RINO ever became my own outside of KO's imagination.
Then KO perseverates about the Tea Party people turning on Sarah Palin. I read a lot of the right blogosphere and I have to wonder what he is basing that on besides wishful thinking. Many of us wish she were not stumping for McCain. But my sense is that the right understands that is her choice and we are not holding it against her. SP will not gratuitously turn on her ex-running mate. And the right has not turned on SP. The circumstances are not perfect. But everything in life is not clear cut black and white. Some situations are betwixt and between and you do the best that you can. Conservatives have not turned their backs on SP. But maybe lefties are wired to deal with things that way so that's where KO's mind automatically goes.

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