Monday, January 18, 2010

Scott Brown and Contraception in the ER

The two paragraph below are from the dailykos regarding all of the accusations about Scott Brown's stand on individual health care worker's ability to exercise their conscience in the performance of their duties.

"The Massachusetts Senate was considering a bill that would have required emergency rooms to provide emergency contraception to rape victims. Scott Brown tried to insert an amendment to allow medical personnel to refuse to do so if they had a religious objection. This is fact.

"Brown would like us to think that under his amendment no woman who had just been raped would ever have been denied emergency contraception, that if one person in the emergency room said no, someone else would do it. But there isn't always someone else, and under Brown's amendment some women would have had their trauma magnified by being denied care, and would have been faced with the choice of finding another hospital, or waiting hours for a treatment that is less effective the longer you wait for it."

First, the vast majority of nurses would have no problem with giving the pill. I think it would be very difficult to find a situation where this would be a problem in an ER. I suspect the kossacks are just too blinded by partisanship to let facts get in the way. Add to that the fact that before a nurse could give the medication there would have to a doctor present who examined the woman and ordered that the med be given. The doctor could give the pill. Problem solved. Get off Scott's back already.
A world view that does not value the individual's self-guided and evolving values is at base inhumane and anti-humane. It is one of those pesky things that might slow things by five minutes here but save the human race over there. Kossacks aren't so good at trade offs and compromises which could cost the victim of the rape in the ER a five minute delay but also lead to God only knows what somewhere else.
Part of the problem is that the progressive krazzies deny any validity to anyone else's value syatem. They have a scorched earth policy. They only move forward by denying the possibility of goodness or intelligence to anyone else. They are like frightened cornered animals always going for the jugular. They claim all their opponents are stupid and dangerous with a pathological reflexiveness. It is as if they've all taken a class named How to Intimidate and Bully your Opponents into Silence with Vicious Accusations and Monomanical Intolerance. They are proof that we suffer from a national Valium deficiency

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