Thursday, January 28, 2010

Leftie Emotional Bullying, Tim Teebow and CBS

Whenever I read about this concocted controversy I wonder why the lefties will not relax and think the thing through.
I imagine that CBS is only allowing the ad because it is not antiabortion. It sounds like it will just be this family’s story. If this is the case, then when the ad runs the left’s cause will suffer loss of credibility because they went nutso without cause and will be seen more clearly as liars.
If their most dire predictions are, against all odds, right then CBS and Focus on the Family will look real bad but the left still has to live with the stain of the nutso push for prior restraint. It is my sense that most Americans are put off by the prior restraint thing; it just goes against our traditions. So the left is shoting themselves in the foot daily no matter what. But if some lefties just calmly say this might not be a good idea they insulate themselves from the prior restraint stigma and can still pounce if warranted.
Why all the carrying on? Are they convinced that their emotional bullying will always work? I don’t think that is a sure thing anymore. I suspect too many people are fed up with it but the left will have to be slapped down a number of times before they get the message.

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