Friday, January 22, 2010

Obama's the Name and National Security Is NOT My Game

The Obama administration's complete and total incompetence in the area of national security is only beginning to come into focus. This has not been covered by the old media. This latest tale of stupidity is astonishing. I became aware of this from a great post at And So It Goes in Shreveport. I was pointed to the post at ASIGS and the one I quote from below from WOLF HOWLING by Pundit and Pundette.
The three paragraphs below are all taken complete and directly from WOLF HOWLING.

"Our Moralizer In Chief has utterly neutered our ability to gain timely and actionable intelligence from a group of people that would happily ignite atomic weapons in every city in our country, and the administration is galled because they are getting critized by Republicans? The Obama administration has their priorities completely skewed.
"To restate the revelations from the NewsWeek article, this is the position in which Obama has placed our national security: For the past year and until some unknown point in the future, as to al Qaeda leaders captured overseas, we do not have a group in place that can interrogate them. For al Qaeda leaders captured in the U.S., it is Obama's policy that they would go into the criminal justice system. For a person associated with al Qaeda who very likely has actionable intelligence, it is Obama's policy that they get a lawyer and a pass into our criminal justice system. This is so wholly screwed. It is apparent that, other than Obama's grandstanding and his many rhetorical efforts to establish himself as our Moralizer in Chief on this critical issue of national security, he has ignored the substance of it."
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
"Just unbelievable. If heads don't roll for this level of ineptitude, we can rest assured that heads will roll in the future - the heads of those people who have placed their trust in the Obama to protect our nation. Soaring rhetoric will stop neither bullets or blast waves. Nor will Obama's moralizing be sufficient to keep a crippled jet in the sky. It seems inevitable that American blood will be spilled as a direct result of an Obama national security apparatus not merely in disaray, but Three Stooges-esque in its degree of incompetence."

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