Monday, January 18, 2010

S. E. Cupp Interviewed by Brian Lamb on Booknotes


from October 8, 2009. This young woman is a very clear thinker. It's fun to hear an atheist defending the proposition that George Bush is a better president because he is a seriously committed Christian. She seems ignorant of the fact that every life is based in faith in something; every totally logical and consistent world view is based on a few assumptions that are not subjected to proof or logical deduction. Most people think that if they embrace science that they have escaped a life of faith. But acceptance of science just necessitates the acceptance of the unproven assumptions that make science possible, e.g., science is impossible without accepting on faith that there is a consistency throughout space and time in the operation of the processes and laws of nature. She expresses envy for people who have religious faith. This reminds me that any amount of faith is a valuable gift and cause for gratitude. I would encourage other Christians to pray for her salvation.

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