Friday, January 22, 2010

Harwood Thinks DemCare Should Be Passed Just Because No One Inside or Out of Congress Knows What' s In It

An interesting new form of argument from ignorance.

Back in '92 I saw the world differently. I truly hoped that Bill and Hillary would pass nationalized health care. But even then I had more sense than to buy a pig in a poke. As soon as it was made clear that Hillary would not take any input from outside her hand picked team, I turned adamantly against the legislation. That bill could have been the most perfect thing that humans could craft, I would have fought it tooth and nail anyway. Once these elitist machinations are allowed to operate the end is near. That probably began my move toward much greater change in attitude after 9-11. Hillary and Barack both think they should run my life. And they think I will give up to their over schooled pomposity graciously. WRONG

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