Sunday, January 31, 2010

Transparency by Fluke. What Was Snuck into DemCare?? Why Are We Only Being Told Now??


h/t: Breitbart TV

While running for office he promised that you could keep your present plan and doctor. Now he wants us to believe that he had just said it was important. He lies so freely. And he seems to think no one is paying attention.
Why isn’t he thanking the Republicans for opposing the bill. With out the help of the Republicans the bill would have been passed unscrubbed. And I know Barry didn’t want that. Just a simple but heart felt apology in front of the CSPAN cameras should be enough.
We only found out about the scrubbing and why it is necessary by total accident. If he had not been there without his trusty teleprompter and at a loss for something to say to fill up the space we might never have found out. I am sure there are many, many members of congress that are surprised to finally find out what is actually happening in Congress. The Dem leadership has that town locked up so tight that most Dem congressmen and senators are just now finding out. And that only by accident. Basically it is transparency by fluke.
He does not have the attitudes or temperament required to participate in the democratic process. It is a little puzzling why he would even want to be the president of a democratic country. I wonder if he finds all of the tchotchkes and memorabilia of freedom and representative government spread around the White House unsettling. Of course, there have been no cameras inside the residence. Maybe the whole thing is done up in the style of socialist realism?

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