Sunday, January 10, 2010

Barack Obama As Tragic Hero Who Can Never Understand What he Most Needs To Understand Before It Is Too Late

This is from Victor Davis Hanson's most recent piece at Pajamas Media. I was tipped to this by reading Pundit and Pundette. The whole thing is worth the time. I will reproduce below a few of the best paragraphs.

"We shall never hear it, but there are hundreds of Democratic operatives who even now are concluding that Obama blew it: with ratings near 70%, with large majorities in Congress, with conservatives in disarray, all he had to do was show a modicum of fiscal sanity, do a bipartisan showy health care fix, praise Bush for the surge or keeping us safe for 7 years, and in general cease talking about himself, giving nonstop interviews, apologizing, and sermonizing. Had he done all that, he could have been as successful as Reagan or Clinton in neutralizing the opposition.
"But in tragedy most recognition comes after, not before, the fall.
"In other words, Democrats are starting to get wise to what Obama has wrought — and many fear not merely that he has the ability to take them down with him, but in fact doesn’t much care about them if he does.
. . . . . . . . . . . .
"If in the past “hope and change” rhetoric bedazzled a college dean or philanthropist, why would he cease now since he believes that both the electorate and the world at large are as gullible to his charms as the university/community-organizing crowd was in the past?
"In short, he can no more stop than could all-knowing Oedipus."


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Doctor Zero at's Green Room has a quick review of the facts about Obama that are new to you if you have stuck by the MSM but which would have been well know to you if you freequent talk radio, the internet and Fox News.

John F. Gaski has a piece at American Thinker called 'Understanding the Democrats' Scheme' that lays out some of the scary moves we might be seeing in the near future from Obama and company.

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