Friday, January 8, 2010

"The Buck Stops With Me" Krauthammer Not Too Impressed


When he promised that he would run a publicly funded campaign he was new and I believed him. Did I learn my lesson? Not really because when he promised to have the health care reform business done on CSPAN I wanted too badly to believe that such a thing could happen so I believed in spite of my growing mistrust. Now he says the buck stops with him. This I will believe when I see some action from the president that shows that he believes it. If he fires Janet Napolitano I'll believe him. Otherwise it is just another in a growing string of Obama's lies.
Sure politicians say things people want to hear. And situations change so they cannot rationally stick with an earlier position. That's cool. But to repeatedly make popular sounding statements without out ever having had any intention of carrying thru is not acceptable. If a politician reveals himself as an inveterate and manipulative liar, he should be removed from office at the first electoral opportunity. In the mean time decent people who are capable of understanding events should withdraw as much support as possible from the social deviant.

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