Monday, January 4, 2010

IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH So He Who Tells The Most Truth Becomes Misinformer of The Year


h/t: NewsBusters

I'm at work on a larger post about the culture war. It will address the hypocrisy of naming Beck the Misinformer of the Year. Most basically he is awakening Americans to the threat of much greater socialism from within the Democrat party. They don't want people to know what they are trying to do so they are attempting to besmirch Beck so that fewer people will pay attention to him. I will put in a link to that post when I have finished it. Our ignorance is one of their main strengths.

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Joe said...

We do, indeed, know who Mark Lloyd is. We also know who a plethora of others in the administration of President BO are. They are all leftists of the first order. Hugo Chavez pales in comparison.