Sunday, January 10, 2010

Obama's Base Feeling Betrayed On Health Care Reform: "He's Such A Charming Liar"


This video was done by a Huffpo-type leftie who is obviously disappointed by Barack Obama not being everything the one time worshiper believed he was. Redstate says the creator of this video, Lee Stranahan is, "an uninsured father and Huffington Post blogger."
My first reaction to the nomination of John McCain was to say I would not vote for a RINO. But I also had an uneasy feeling that I would end up voting for McCain because Obama would just be too unpalatable. And I ended up voting for the RINO because, by the time of the election, I had read so many disturbing things about Obama that McCain did not look so bad by comparison (even so, Obama has proven to be even worse as president than I ever expected). And, unless things become much worse for this leftie, I expect he will end up holding his nose and voting for Obama again. The only good news is that this leftie and others like him will not work nearly as hard for Obama next time. They will give less money. And a few more of them just won’t make to the polls on election day. Who else do they have? They are not going to switch their allegiance to Biden the vice president of gaffes and confusion.

Below is a recording from Air America with more rumblings from the left. The guy even asks if it might not be possible that the tea party people are right. A real leftie siding with tea party goers over The Light of Chicago. It might be good for Obama that he got that dog.


Quite Rightly said...


What if?

Suzie Q said...

The Libertarians are right. The establishment Repubs are giving us RINO's who would follow the same "edicts" of the fascist oligarchs who control DC. The Repubs and the Dems are really one party - and just playin' us for fools. We don't have a choice or a real vote. They keep advancing the same agenda - and playing different propaganda games from different sides of the aisle.

Same endgame though - same program - same party of establishment fascist tools and shills. A vote for McCain would have been a vote for the same exact policies.