Saturday, January 9, 2010

Town Hall at UNLV: .Reid and His Followers Will Probably Be Compared to Brown Shirts.


h/t: Breitbart TV

According to NewsBusters, Harry Reid held an invitation only Town Hall meeting at UNLV that was attended almost exclusively by his supporters. The Las Vegas Review-Journal said, “"I'm here to tell you that when President (Barack) Obama signs this bill into law, Nevada will benefit more than almost any other," Reid, D-Nev., said before he was interrupted.” Apparently Reid was not willing or able to give reasons what that legislative monstrosity is any good to anyone.
Reid was interrupted by a member of the audience who wanted to state his objections to DemCare. The Las Vegas Review-Journal says, “Several men in the audience then grabbed him by the arms and dragged him to campus police, who released him outside.” Reid and his followers will probably be compared to Brown Shirts. That seems like an apt comparison.
The Review-Journal also said:“The toughest encounter was with Jeff Jones, 33, of Las Vegas, a multimedia Web designer who owns his own business. Jones asked Reid why he didn't take questions.
“Reid told Jones he was welcome to participate in his next "tele-town hall," in which the senator takes questions over the phone, a strategy the campaign says allows him to address thousands of people at a time instead of several hundred. But it also serves to insulate Reid from voters and critics.”
No doubt the tele-town hall will also give Reid the Brown Shirt-like advantage to keep anyone from hearing anything his critics might have to say.
Newsbusted could find no report of this bizarro world town hall in any of the state run media. And NB observed that, “. . . one would think the Senate Majority Leader holding a well-choreographed, invitation only, no questions town hall meeting where a dissenter was physically removed would be quite newsworthy.
“After all, if George W. Bush was still president, and Reid was a Republican, CNN would likely have fact-checked the Majority Leader's comment about Nevada benefiting more from healthcare reform than almost any other state.
“What a difference a "D" makes, huh?”

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