Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Victor Davis Hanson Shows How to Deal with a Conspiracy Theorist

Our man from Fresno State gets directly to the heart of the matter. The paranoid caller is funny to listen to. It is also sad to view such a waste of human energy and intellect.

At my other blog The Chinese Jar there is a an excellent speech by VDH about why wars are fought. The question period at the end is especially interesting since he gets into the ways in which political correctness and multiculturalism severely hamper and prolong our struggle with militant Islam.

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Suzie Q said...

My speakers are down on my pc - couldn't hear it. Well, do you know that you are a "conspiracy theorist" to the left??

Look at the facts. Stop thinking paranoia is responsible. These "theories" are often so clearly published and proven - that if you'd look - you'd see that calling us "tea baggers" is the same difference as calling people "conspiracy theorists".

I'd say to look at the facts.

What sounds crazy to you if you haven't gone to source to review the factual basis of the assertions of people - just might be true. Often is.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Look around. Goldman Sachs has taken over the USA government with other global banksters - and is waging economic warfare against American citizens.

I think it's high time people took the clear conspiracies... seriously... and stopped being patsies.

God bless.