Sunday, January 3, 2010

The World Is An Unjust Judge

"Does anyone fail to see that the world is an unjust judge, gracious and well disposed to its own children . . .
. . . . . . . . . .
the world always thinks evil and when it can't condemn our acts it will condemn our intentions. Whether the sheep have horns or not and whether they are white or black, the wolf doesn't hesitate to eat them if he can. "

I happened across these words yesterday and thought that they are an apt description of the old media. They could be an excellent depiction of the MSM.
But the words are from the Christian mystic St. Frances de Sales and they describe how the world will always misjudge and unfairly treat a committed Christian who lives a life devoted to spiritual development. But, really, how could it be otherwise? The principles and motives that define the Christian life are stranger to the world than a foreign language just heard for the first time.
I came across these words at the site, Patrick Madrid. I was referred there by Pundit and Pundette. Along the right margin, among the many links P and P have links to a number of recent blog posts that are of note. When I read any of these I always find them more than worth the time and trouble I invest. Pundette must spend many hours a day reading and those who follow her site are treated to a wide array of opinions, facts and good writing from all over the vast net.
On occasion my posts appear in Pundette's 'Today's recommended reads' but I only recommend others go there because I have found much valuable information and good reading there.

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