Monday, May 25, 2009

Not All Blogs Are About Politics

The first photo is from from Kittentails. It's a West Australian blogger. Can you find the Ostrich? I can relax while reading her blog because it's like a low key journey through an alternate universe. And I don't mean that her universe is at all weird. She just has different priorities and concerns from those I have become accustomed to.
The second photo is from The Life Aesthetic. There are lots of pictures of this and other cute chicks. And it's another tasty and relaxing alternate universe. The blogger is taken up with decor, furniture, handbags and such to a degree irrelevant to my hormonal makeup. But the odd visit can be entertaining.
The last pic is from Little Red Fox. Recipes, great photos and an attention to attire beyond my ken. Not my world but a great place to visit. And I like the music more than a little. There is a very small music player in the upper right that you can use to flip through different songs. I highly recommend one with the title, 'Rachel’s -- Egon & Wally Embrace.' It sounds like an Errol Garner rendition of Claire de Lune. The next song that came on reminded me of the soft folk tinged music popular back in the sixties when I used acid. Hearing that song was like a mild, cushy acid flashback.

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