Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Finest Links In All Of Christendom

I first watched some of Breitbart’s B Cast when Warner Todd Huston once appeared. I kept going back. And now I’ve rescheduled my nap time so I can watch live (daily at three eastern time). It is a news round up that is web only. The whole show is Scott Baker and Liz Stephans and what they do with their Apples and other gadgets. My impression is that these two are responsible for all the technical aspects as well as all of the content. From listening to Baker and Stephans for a number of hours I have the impression that both of them have plenty of traditional broadcast journalism experience. Yet, beneath that, beat the hearts of true traditional conservatives.
And So It Goes In Shreveport tells about a live-on-the-web poetry reading at the White House tonight. Most Americans don’t have a clue about what cap and trade is and Pat posts about that whole sad situation. Maybe if there was an explanation on Britney’s bikini or written on Wanda’s giant forehead we could get the word past the MSM. I’m pretty sure that the MSM wants it passed and they know that if most Americans had accurate knowledge about it there would be little chance of it passing.
Pundit and Pundette has a piece about Dana Millbank’s reaction to Limbaugh’s nonreaction. Millbank says, “This means one of two highly unlikely things had to be true: Limbaugh really was the 20th hijacker, or he was taking the high road.” Translation: the possibility of Limbaugh being a decent human is exactly equal to the possibility to my buddy’s libelous outright lie being true (but actually it was just a joke so I can’t see why you could be bothered by it). P & P also has something on Bonnie Erbe’s near inexplicable attack on Michelle Obama. Even if it is totally wrong headed it is nice to see a lefty spend a little time off her knees. Then there’s a funny thing about Meghan McCain’s divaness.
Jo-Joe Politico has a post about whether or not America is a Christian nation. An interesting discussion about Jefferson’s religious views has gotten underway in the comments section.
Insert clever s.logan here has a good, link-rich post about yellow journalism on the web. That’s a term we don’t hear much anymore. Maybe it’s because most journalism has become yellow. Suzanna still needs contributions to support her mission to inner city youth and you can swipe your credit card in the upper right hand corner of her blog.
Jane Q. Republican (is that an Italian name?) writes about the White House wanting to have the Fed regulate banks. Congress lets judges horn in on their legislative duties. And they seem to have gotten tired of even attempting to regulate the industries that pay for their reelection campaigns. So expect to either do without necessary regulation or watch the Obama White House go at it in their natural catch as catch can fashion. All of which frees up congress to devote their energy to writing and protecting earmarks and continuing to sneak the denizens of K Street into and out of the congressional offices(where they can write the bills that Congeress must sneak past the taxpayers). Jane also writes about the Obamatons and their job creation and/or saving claims. They have defined, redefined and misdefined this whole subject into a black hole of meaninglessness, But I’m sure they will continue to make meaningless claims and then brag on their own claims. A quick quote from Jane Q.’s piece that shows the whole subject’s endlessly morphing nature: “Talk about lowering expectations! We just got done hearing Obama take credit for saving 150,000 jobs — which his administration never documented. Now we’re hearing that the stimulus package demanded by Obama and passed over near-unanimous Republican objections won’t actually make any difference at all. The cure, Obama and his team now admit, is private-sector growth.”

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