Saturday, May 23, 2009

"Give Me Power But Blame Someone Else For My Mistakes."

Some Democrats have defended Pelosi by saying that she could not talk about the contents of a classified briefing. Disclosing the contents of a secret briefing was not Pelosi's only option. If what was happening was as morally reprehensible as so many Democrats now claim, she should have looked at some other options. And she probably had a wider range of options after the Democrats took over the congress in '06. But she did ... nothing.
We are left with this bizarre picture of two co-equal branches where one branch refuses to accept accountability for anything that happened. The self-described pure and morally superior side is saying, "Illegal, immoral and bad things were done. And those guys over there need to be held accountable and pay a price. We bear no responsibility. Sure, we knowingly gave them the money with which they did it. But we only did that because they told us to. Go get them. They're bad and they'll get away if you don't hurry up. If you don't quit saying we we're implicated we might put you on trial. At the we'll have NBC dig up dirt on you and we'll nail your complaining ass to the wall. You and anyone else who expects accountability from any Democrat." They want the control over the purse that majorities in congress give. But they always want somebody else to be at fault if they misspend the money. That is not how adults behave or how responsible people behave. The voters should turn them out of Congress so they can have some alone time to reconsider how they use power.
Democrats want power without responsibility or accountability. They are probably going to have to unfairly prosecute a lot of people to make that work. And they're getting a good start on it.

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