Sunday, May 17, 2009

Liz Cheney Kicks Some More Liberal A&&, While snagggles Suffers Great Doubt About the Legality of TRUTH COMMISSIONS

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At one point three other people were trying to talk over Ms. Cheney. But MSNBC is not noted for good manners or interest in truth. I'm amazed they have had Ms. C. on twice in one week.

These truth commissions deeply trouble me. They run contrary to American tradition and our laws. Let Congress hold all the hearings and investigations they want. If anyone is suspected of breaking a law let him be charged and tried. But the lefties cannot reach the results they want by these means. So they are trying to make it up as they go along. Well, that is outside the rule of law that America used to cherish. Will they trample everyone's rights to vent their spleen? God help us if it comes to that. What they are now proposing is more like what was practiced by Robespierre and Stalin. We need to think long and hard and openly discuss whether we want to go down that road.


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I agree with you.

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