Thursday, May 28, 2009

How Did This Happen: 10 Years Ago Marriage Was Not A Civil Right Partisans Try To Argue That It Now Suddenly Is?

In history marriage has always been a contractual arrangement between two families. The aim in view was to join a man and a woman together to produce offspring. The marriage contract protected the woman and whatever property her family had made a part of the new union. And marriage has always been defined as being between a man and a woman. But gays and leftists think they can redefine anything at their whim.
Gays are presently arguing that marriage, rather than the contract it has been for millennia, is a civil right. It was not seen as such by the French Declaration of the Rights of Man, by Jefferson or by Woodrow Wilson. Same sex marriage was never seen as a goal of the civil rights movement. And even the the wacky and unrealistic United Nations has not recognized it as a civil rights goal. It is no such animal. They take this approach because they think it furthers their cause. If it would get them what they want they would abandon the civil right approach and use whatever definition became more convenient.
I think they’d call it a disgusting circus act if it got them what they want.
The gays against Prop. 8 have brought political involvement to a low seldom reached in America. Their Democrat compatriots did reach lower lows in their incarnation as the KKK. And ACORN is similarly enamored of threats of violence. According to the Marci Hamilton at the site Find Law, “some of the more radical among the protesters have crossed the line by entering churches to disrupt services and painting graffiti on churches, among other illegal acts.” Basically these gay activists, ACORN and Democrats want every last benefit they can wring out of civil society but are too often unwilling to be civil.

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Joe said...

If we can redefine anything we want to in order to satisfy our particular bent, I'm redefining my 1995 Saturn as a 2009 BMW, so I can get more money for it when I sell it.