Monday, May 18, 2009

My Trivial Trivia

I was tagged by Pundette, So here are 8 bits of trivia about me

1. When I was 19 I was mad, crazy about the writing of Bertrand Russell. But I am very much over that.

2. The first job I ever had where I got a paycheck paid $1.00 an hour. I chopped cotton in 104 degree heat. It was about 75 miles from Bakersfield, CA.

3. I am a Dodger fan. I got that from my great grandmother who was born in Edinburgh. She loved Sandy Koufax. I’m sure she would also have loved Fernando Valenzuela had she lived that long.

4. I once spent a year in the hospital recovering from a motorcycle accident. I broke both arms and both legs and fractured my skull. I was in a coma for weeks. I spent a lot of time in bed reading Bertrand Russell. But it was at this time that Russell was being replaced in my affections by the writings of Thomas Mann. I read Mann’s Joseph novels during that year.

5. While a stupid child of the 60s I enjoyed LSD. I was lucky to get through that alive and sane.

6. I was once thrown across a 12 foot wide room by a violent mental patient. At the same time I hit the wall the 6”6’ nurse I was working with hit the wall as well. Together we weighed over 450 pounds. I still don’t know exactly how the patient managed to do that. You have to be very careful around insanity.

7. I have never met a kitty cat I didn’t like.

8. I was born on April Fool’s Day.

I'm going to tag Adagio for Strings and Jane Q. Republican.

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S.logan said...

Aw, I like number 7. Too, your first observation about my respecting my parents was spot-on. When I think back to how I treated them in highschool, I shudder. I snapped out of that around 18, and we've been best friends ever since. Well, best friends that I'm sometimes scared of because they're my parents. But, I think that's the way it should be. Feared and loved...