Saturday, May 23, 2009

Isikoff Tells of Secret Meeting of Obama And The Far Left: They Want A ‘Trophy” Persecution of A Scapegoat To Give Appearance of Victory

They are so angry at the Prez that he was even compared to Bush. POTUS was not happy with that and he went so far as to call it ‘not helpful.’ Lefties can say the most hurtful things, can’t they?


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Grace Explosion said...

I think they really thought Obama was a good person who could be trusted to be a person of honor and integrity in the execution of his duties. They thought he was a person totally different than he really is. They actually believed his lies. That's amazing to me. I'm gaining respect for Rachel Maddow as a person - because even if I do not agree with her on certain "issues" - I see she is a person of conviction... not just putting up a "smokescreen" for Obama. I mean, she really believed him. That, actually, surprises me. I really thought most of the newspeople KNEW they were creating a smokescreen for the most dangerous person we've ever seen in the Oval Office.

Thanks for the clip!