Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Enshrining Hate: Sarah Palin Found Innocent in Latest Ethics Complaints --- Brought -12 --- Merit Found in Any Complaint - Zero

From Alaska State publication:

"Two More Ethics Complaints Against Governor Palin Dismissed
"May 12, 2009, Anchorage, Alaska – Today the governor’s office was informed that yet two more ethics complaints filed against Governor Palin have been dismissed, part of the mounting evidence that accusations of wrongdoing by the governor lack merit and have been politically or personally motivated."

There seems to be an endless stream of baseless, meritless ethics complaints against Gov. Palin. This should not be surprising since there has been an endless flow of lies and lying attacks on her character since she first became involved in national politics. There has been unleashed a mountain of bigotry, hate, abuse and venom from people who dishonestly claim to represent the way of peace and tolerance. If you judge people by who their enemies are, the governor of Alaska is on the side of the angels.



Joe said...

Governor Palin has continually been exeronerated.

You'd think her adversaries would eventually get the hint.

But their hatred and hysteria runs so deep that they cannot help themselves.

What would they say if rank-and-file conservatives began a parallel judicial campaign against President BO?

Chris M. said...

They would continue to call us racists. There would be an incredible outpouring of moral outrage. And they would have a fund raising bonanza.
But all in all I don't think it would be a good idea since it would tend to unify them. Probably if conservatives were as publicly nonconfrontrational as possible, liberals would start attacking each other and be greatly weakened. There is probably next to nothing to be gained from conservatives attacking in the biased media since they twist everything to increase liberal unity. I'd like to see conservatives eschew the MSM. If commenting was inescapable, a simple, "I only want what is best for America," should be enough. Any criticism could be met with a bland smile and, "Thank you for your input." The forces of hate would be like the herd of swine possessed by demons. They would turn and rend each other as they went over the cliff. There is seldom anything to be gained from joining battle when the enemy always picks the field ans sets the ground rules and also gets to edit everything before final presentation.

yukio ngaby said...

This situation demonstrates the absurdity of the international court system headquartered in The Hague. Almost anybody in the world can bring a frivilous suit or frivilous criminal charges against the president of the US, members of Congress, American military personel, etc.

It has the potential to completely bog things down into complete inactivity (which could very well be the point).

I'm sorry Chris M., but I would not advocate the Right's silence. The Left will turn on itself because of disputes of power and the excesses they will indulge in (as the GOP did earlier).

I don't think GOP silence will affect that very much one or the other, but it would take them out of the media loop. To expose the MSM's leftist bent to those interested and open, the GOP must confront it and publicize it-- not stay mute.

This isn't a battle against the Left but rather a battle with the left for "the hearts and minds" of the American people.

Chris M. said...

I think it is plainly foolish to do battle on their territory by their rules. Conservatives could still communicate via talk radio, Tea Party demonstrations and paid air time. And there are other modes that have never been tried. Such as outreach in poor neighborhoods that emphasize practical education in entrepreneurship or organized lobbying for school vouchers. The poor in America have been surrendered by the Republican leadership to the Democrat party. Even though conservatives have more to offer.
But any media battle run on and by the MSM will yield only the MSM's preferred result.