Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Good OLD Bill Maher Insults Everyone -- What Is the Status of the Gitmo Detainees?

***********FOUL LANGUAGE ALERT*************************

Maher is way off base in his criticism of the status of the Gitmo internees. They are not suspected terrorists. They are prisoners of war in a nontraditional war. To render them subject to the criminal code is just foolish. Too many of the ones remaining will return to going to any length to destroy the USA. We, who will be their targets deserve better protection than would be afforded from just turning them over to the justice system. It would give our would be murderers unfair advantage since they were not apprehended by a normal domestic police force with a view to securing the proper evidence to convict them. They were captured on a battlefield with the main concern being the safety of the soldiers that protect our country. These accidents of history should not become part of the arsenal of weapons in their effort to become free and then continue their all out onslaught on our freedom and lives. It is unfortunate but the best solution I can see at this point is imprisonment for the remainder of their natural lives.
Nietzsche defined nihilism as the highest values devaluing themselves. This is Nihilism the HBO Edition.
Let it be noted that Maher has abandoned his long standing practice of having a conservative on the show (it was always one conservative being gang attacked by three lefties but they usually made it through OK and showed the flag). Maher is merging with the dinosaur media.

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