Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fun Facts About UC Merced

Last week Michelle Obama spoke at the commencement ceremony at UC Merced. I grew up a couple hundred miles from there. I'm going to share some fun facts about the school.

They have the biggest Bullwinkle and Rocky fan club outside of Frostbite Falls.

Will soon announce the founding of a School of Sneaker Design

Every member of the campus Young Republicans has been called “racist motherf##&er” at least 45 times. And that’s just by the faculty and administrators.

The students working in the cafeteria tried to form a union but Pelosi sent in ACORN workers to bust heads. ACORN's fee was $4.2 billion dollars to be paid by the taxpayers.

Of all the UCs they had the highest percentage of students vote for Obama. The also have the lowest SATs in the system and significantly lower IQ scores.

The school has no library. It had been open 6 years before this was even noticed.

Their hunt for a professor to teach the Austrian language continues.

The head of the Political Science Department knows he’s supposed to insult Palin. But he hasn’t done so yet out of a deep fear that she will find out and royally put him in his place.

They call their football team the Garafalos. They think it might be something dirty. They might be right.


telecasterroy said...

Chris, do you say all this about UC Merced just because they had Ms. Obama speak there? Or is there something else you'd heard about UC Merced before she was there?

Chris M. said...

I know absolutely nothing about UC Merced except vaguely where it is located and that it is the most recently founded campus in the UC system. These are jokes. As Wikipedia will tell you jokes are a common form of communication among humans. It is interesting that your questioning seems to imply that there are only two possible explanations for what I wrote. Human communication is often a more complex endeavor than you seem to be allowing for.