Thursday, May 28, 2009

Congressmen Still Refuse to Read the Legislation They Vote On. Isthis Just A New and Exciting Way to Say FU to Their Constituients?

The ONLY answer is to vote ALL of the bums out.


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Grace Explosion said...

I know how to "throw all the buns out" - secede. Fact is, they don't need to read legislation. The banksters tell them what to vote - and they do what the banksters tell them to do.

It's just their way of saying, "The banksters told us to say 'forget you' to you, our constituents".

(They're just following orders.)

This government can get lost. It doesn't represent me or the American people - so why should we see it as "our government"?? It's not. So goodbye to them. I look forward to the first state seceding. I look forward to a new nation forming. The banksters can go rule themselves. I am not their peasant.