Sunday, May 24, 2009

Joe the Plumber Was Right?

I'm not quite sure I get this. The hallmarks of the Obama campaign and presidency have been lack of transparency, lies, obfuscation, lobbyists, tax cheating cronies given protection, broken promises and hate for America. But now Cavuto wants to get all literal over whether people who make $235,000 or people who make $250,000 are going to have their taxes go up. It is what it is! Talk about missing the forest of lies and cronyism for one dishonest little leaf.

ht/Heritage Foundation


Grace Explosion said...

They've printed trillions of dollars. Inflation is going to rise with a vengeance. Clerks at gas stations will be making $235,000 in less than 2 years thanks to inflation.

Chris M. said...

And the Obamites will be saying that clerks at gas stations are rich because they have jobs.

Grace Explosion said...

Chris M... lol. When those in power push things to a certain point, people wake up. The more they push, the more people wake up. I am watching people in power whose greed knows no end. The check and balance system protected us from them - and protected them, also, from their own worst instincts. But, they have circumvented the check and balance system. And Americans are truly freedom loving people. (In all actuality, those in government who lust for power and want to control the American people - are not going to get it.) :) I see coming the greatest days in our nation's history as we overcome these efforts of tyranny.

The dawn is about to break, I think.