Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yet Again Palin Ethics Complaint Determined To Be Unfounded

The money spent on Palin’s wardrobe has been found by the FEC to not have been spent illegally. That makes 12 ethics complaints against Palin shown to be unfounded. The lefty hate and smear merchants have been hard at work stalking the governor. I suppose the lies will not stop as long as Sarah P. is a viable candidate. Lefty hate really is a pain in the a&& because it is spewed constantly and it seems to get all over everything. The lefties are abusing the system in a sick, selfish attempt to create bad press for someone they hate. If this foolishness continues there should be created a disincentive to misuse the processes that normal people depend on. At the very least, people who continually bring these frivolous actions should have to pay all costs incurred by their target and by the government.


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