Saturday, May 30, 2009

Magnolias In Bloom

I just walked to a nearby mailbox to return DVDs to Netflix. And it was beautiful. You cannot go many paces in my neighborhood this time of year without getting the lovely aroma of the Magnolia blossoms that are in full bloom.
The first photo is a few yards from the front door of my apartment. It is a humming bird nest from last summer.
The next picture is a courtyard beside The Laguna Coffee Company. It's two blocks from my place and it looks out on Pacific Coast Highway. PCH runs the length of California along the coast. For the past 20 years I have been fortunate to always live very near PCH, thus near the beach. One minor annoyance is the sound of traffic all night.
Picture three is a view of the Pacific Ocean. This was taken three blocks from my apartment.
The last photo is of a house on the other end of my block. I call that the 'rich part of the block.' The building I live in dates back to the beginning of WWII. My building entered the world as housing for officers who were being trained at the airfield in Tustin.

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Pat Austin said...

Beautiful! I love the ocean!