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How To Get A Senator Seated When 'Transparency' and Bribery Rule the Nation's Capitol

I just read some good news at They quote Charlie Rangel as saying that the health care faux reform bill cannot be passed before February. Good news if true. Unfortunately one would not usually go to Rangel for the truth. If you want to be robbed, lied to or cheated, Rangel is your man. But it does make sense that the DemCare bill is a no go. There have been many reports of past supporters in the House splintering over abortion funding and the President’s insistence that some private insurance plans be taxed. And I think few are happy that Florida and North Dakota are getting very special treatment just because their senators are not as stupid as mine.
But my real focus here is something that was brought up in the HA comments thread about what Rangel had said. Someone styling herself ‘katy’ wrote:
“If not there’s always this idea I grabbed from Hillbuzz..
We are telling you now — any Republicans listening — that you need to have a plan in place starting January 20th when Scott Brown pulls off the upset and wins this seat in Massachusetts. You cannot come up with a plan on January 20th. It needs to be ready now, so that on January 20th you hit the ground running. Anyone with in driving distance to Washington needs to go the Capitol and form a mob on the steps demanding the Senate seats Brown immediately on January 20th if Democrats try these tall tactics. It needs to be the most massive march on Washington ever seen — so large it will terrify everyone on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.
katy on January 13, 2010 at 11:38 AM”
I went to Hillbuzz to get a url for the quote. With a non-exhaustive search I did not find it. But no matter. The important thing is that what katy said is true and needs circulating. I have a sense that Hillbuzz has some Democrats that are disgruntled with the whole DC Dem machine. Some of them seem to have given some thought to the situation Scott Brown may end up in if the Mass Dems and Harry Reid try to block him from being seated and voting. Below are three paragraphs of quotes from Hillbuzz that have some good ideas about how to deal with the establishment tricks.
“* We really wish Burris had the guts to do this next part, because it would have made the history books — it’s such a good visual. If Harry Reid claims he won’t acknowledge a Senator such as Brown, then Brown needs to rent a U-Haul truck and office furniture and head to the US Capitol. The day after he’s elected, he needs to come to the Capitol with FOX News crews in tow and demand to be allowed into his new office. If Reid refuses, then Brown needs to setup an office for himself on the steps of the United States Capitol. An area rug draped on one of the ornate landings, a wooden desk, book shelves, chairs for him to receive his constituents, potted plants, a copy of the United States Constitution on an easel, a bowl of red, white, and blue M&Ms, etc. Brown needs to then sit at his desk, with nameplate sparkling in the sun reading SENATOR SCOTT BROWN, MASSACHUSETTS on it, taking photographs with all the tourists who come by. We think there’d be lines for hours and hours to see him.

“* Embarrass Reid and the Democrats in the Senate. Humiliate them. We can’t tell you how much we wanted Burris to do the above: an elderly black man shivering in the cold, sitting at a desk out in the open, outside the Capitol, barred from having an actual office. Great Merciful Zeus, the image of that would have been indelible. This won’t have the same resonance with Brown, but it will be effective. Reid will try to bar him from the building, but Brown needs to start acting like a Senator from DAY ONE after the election — should he win and Coakley and her supporters in Massachusetts try to illegally impede him from coming to Washington to do his job.”
“* Republicans at large, and Scott Brown specifically, need to understand they are in the fight of their lives. We’ve made the analogy before and will do it again: a Brown victory in Massachusetts is the equivalent of the fledgling Rebellion taking down the Death Star in Star Wars. Imperial hubris manufactured a battle station the size of a small moon, with the most destructive weapons systems ever designed – so massive was this magic 8-ball of evil that the Emperor himself believed it indestructable, unstoppable. A lot of things supposedly indestructable go up in flames, or sink to the bottom of the ocean with Leonardo DiCaprio on board. The Healthcare Rationing Bill will be one of them if Brown is elected January 19th. Democrats know this. We can’t tell you how many times Rahm Emanuel’s watched Titanic with hunky Secret Service guys in the White House, but we bet it’s a lot. Like over 50. That’s called “cuddle-time”. Scott Brown is the iceberg Democrats fear. He’s the spark to the flame on their giant gas bag hovering over New Jersey (that for once is not Oprah). Hottie McAwesome, as we love to call him (because he is, indeed, the scientific combination of hot + awesome), is the handsome rebel pilot zeroing in on the Death Star with a weapons-grade can of whupass in tow.”


**************** UPDATE ********************

NewsBusters says that the TV networks have given no coverage at all to this election.
"It's a little bizarre that the broadcast networks would cover Ted Kennedy's death and funeral as an enormous story, but ignore the campaign to replace him."
Is the fix in? Or do they just not know what to do so have chosen to wait until they get directions? Are they having so much fun being in the tank that they will never leave?


**************** Correction ********************
I said South Dakota above when the state in question was actually Nebraska. Sorry.

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Joe said...

MainStream Media is hoping with all hope that Brown does not get elected. Their credibility is so low that they dare not take a stand against him, instead they hope they can help by not reporting anything at all.