Sunday, January 3, 2010

Obama Knew Yemen Is Unstable and Full of Terrorists But Planned To Send Almost A Hundred Hardened Terrorists There Anyway

Is Obama's goal to strengthen and preserve Al Queda? It seems he has to be dragged kicking and screaming to do anything helpful to the US of A.
Below is a frightening quote from Ed Morrissey at Hot
"It seems that everyone knew that Yemen has a big, big problem with al-Qaeda, but for some reason, Obama thought dumping almost a hundred hardened terrorists into Yemen would … what? Improve the situation? Make the Yemeni AQ networks suddenly love America? The question isn’t so much the reversal — which is just common sense after the attack and its pedigree became known — but why anyone thought releasing the 95 Yemeni detainees in Gitmo back into a near-failed state was a laudatory goal at all.

"Gerstein’s catch points out something else interesting about the Obama administration’s approach to this, too. Obama ran on rhetoric that promised the most open and transparent administration in history. Yet here Obama is, leaking the status of the Yemeni detainees not once but twice in two weeks rather than openly discussing their release and then reversing the decision with explanations of both decisions open and public. It seems that Obama does not have the courage of his promises of openness, or even the courage to leak these decisions on days when people read newspapers and watch TV."
If you hire someone without experience you are also hiring their learning curve. This includes opening yourself up to all the possibilities of drugged murders with guns and bombs. Obama is out of his depth. And it's difficult to say when or if Obama will ever figure out how ill equipped he is. And here is more from Bill Kristol.

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