Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Finest Links in All of Christendom

Hot has a clip with a miraculous story about a wounded soldier. I cannot recommend this highly enough. General David Petraeus is a major part of the story. Which got me to thinking that he would be a great presidential candidate. But one of the commenters wisely observed that the ugly, filthy dirt that the MSM would do the general might just be more than a decent man needs or wants in his life. Sad that it has come to this: the lefties win because they'll throw more lying filth than most people want to be near?. HA also linked a good analysis of the relations among Obama, Palestine, Rahm Emanuel and Israel written by Alan Dershowitz. Then HA has a link to a great story in a small town paper about Obama’s ever changing positions and prouncements. The Jawa Report has an analysis of the actions of Lt. Choi who just rebelled against don’t ask don’t tell in the military. Jawa also addresses Perez Hilton and here are just a couple of sentences: "Perez Hilton Has Convinced Me......that it's just wrong to try to hold a moderate position on homosexual issues.
"The continued vicious persecution of Miss USA contestant Carrie Prejean clearly demonstrates that most gay men are too mentally unstable and utterly self-absorbed to function in society."
Pat at So It Goes In Shreveport has some reflections on the cowboy spirit with a shirtless picture of Steve McQueen.
Jo-Joe Politico writes about presidential honesty. He did some fact checking for this.
Pundit and Pundette have a post about Barack Obama’s arrogance which you might find interesting if you haven’t been irretrievably convinced by Katie Couric that it’s just an extra special mode of wonderful. They also have a good piece about how Obama played and mislead the 9/11 and the USS Cole families. The most mind opening thing I saw there was a quote given from a Hot Air post about gay marriage. I am reprinting a big chunk of it since it nails the situation we are faced with: “Two or three generations is a very short time to push an idea from unthinkable to inevitable. Many Americans don’t like the way this particular change is being presented as mandatory, with all opposition dismissed as evil, insane, or ignorant. It’s bad enough to be told you must put forth an opinion about something you’d rather not think about. It’s even worse when you’re told that only one opinion is acceptable. Perez Hilton wasn’t asking Carrie Prejean a question - he was demanding submission. Thoughtless genuflection to “the right of gay persons in love to get married” is the jizya paid to the dominant culture, and you’re not allowed to squeak out so much as a tepid salute to traditional marriage until you’ve paid it“
At Insert clever s.logan here Suzanna posted about the American entrepreneurial spirit, But if you absolutely don’t want to read about the dildos that look like Obama and Romney, don’t go there.

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